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Associate Advisor

Josh Boltz headshot


Josh was born and raised in Fairfax, VA, and graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Marketing and Business Management degree.

Shortly after graduation, Josh moved to Houston to begin what ended up being a 13-year career with a local fine dining restaurant group. Josh spent his time there overseeing three Houston locations as well as serving as Regional Director.

With experience in both service and management, Josh has developed unique skills in multi-tasking, planning, and developing relationships with people from various backgrounds, which perfectly carried over to the finance world. In 2021, he decided to make a big leap into the financial services industry, knowing that he would be able to use this skill set to see clients to and through retirement.

Josh is married to “the most amazing woman in the world” with which he shares four amazing children. They love spending time outdoors, doing watersports, playing baseball/softball, and camping the old-fashioned way—with running water and a cabin!

After many years in the restaurant industry, Josh is thrilled to not only be able to make a difference in the lives of his clients but to be able to give his family the freedom of time.