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Estate Planning

A wise man once said estate planning is the art of making sure your loved ones still talk to each other after you are gone and what is left has been divided amongst your heirs. Leaving an unplanned estate can break down and divide even the strongest family units. Especially when unexpected expenses or taxes arise your survivors must pay.

For instance the musician Prince recently died. His estate was valued at more than $300,000,000. Yet his family had to borrow $50,000 from Comedian George Lopez just to pay for the funeral.

The founder of the Miami Dolphins Joe Robbie died and his family had to fire sale the Joe Robbie Stadium and the Miami Dolphins to pay estate taxes. Taxes which could have been prevented with proper estate planning.

John and Barbara owned a closely held business which they sold to fund retirement. John put the proceeds of the sale into a brokerage account where he could invest in Mutual Funds. When John opened the account he did not add Barbara’s name. He fully intended to, but John died unexpectedly in January of 2008, at the start of the financial crises. The account had to be probated which took nearly six months. During that period there was nothing Barbara could do to stop the losses the account was suffering. By the time Barbara was able to gain access to the account and take action 50% of their retirement savings had been wiped out. A simple estate plan could have prevented this.

Estate plans can span from very simple to very complex. Allied Wealth works with clients to establish estate planning needs and helps ensure all necessary elements are completed to provide you with peace of mind about what will happen to your assets and family upon your passing. Whether you need are a simple will and advanced directives or a more complex plan and require FLP’s, Trust, DAF’s, Charitable LLC’s, Gifting or philanthropy our team of experts is here to serve.

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