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Client Coordinator


Meet Ashley Dobson, a Client Service Specialist with 2.5 years of industry experience. Originally hailing from a quaint small town in Alberta, Canada, she embarked on a new chapter of her life nearly three years ago when she moved to The Woodlands, Texas, following her husband’s career path in Oil & Gas.

Houston has become her playground, where she eagerly explores everything it has to offer. From the vibrant live music scene to the exhilarating Rodeo events, and from sampling new culinary delights at local restaurants to browsing through markets brimming with homegrown talent, she embraces the Texan way of life wholeheartedly. While others may grumble about the heat, she revels in it, preferring the warmth of Texas over the cold of snow any day.

She finds fulfillment in her role at Allied Wealth, relishing the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional colleagues and foster meaningful connections with clients. With her passion for people and her love for her work, she’s carving out her niche in the industry, one satisfied client at a time.