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Event Coordinator


With a passion for creating memorable experiences and a knack for meticulous planning, Katelyn is an accomplished event coordinator known for orchestrating seamless events that exceed expectations. With seven years in the industry, she has curated a diverse portfolio ranging from corporate conferences to intimate celebrations, consistently delivering high-quality events tailored to client needs.

Katelyn’s expertise spans every phase of event planning, from initial concept development and venue selection to vendor management and on-site coordination. She is skilled in managing budgets effectively, negotiating contracts, and ensuring all logistical elements align perfectly to execute flawless events.

Driven by a commitment to professionalism and creativity, Katelyn thrives in dynamic environments where she can bring visions to life, leaving lasting impressions on attendees and clients alike. She prioritizes client satisfaction and strives to make every event a standout success, earning a reputation for reliability, innovation, and attention to detail.

Outside of work, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her family Tyler, Liam, and Everett. She likes playing and watching sports, being anywhere by the water, and most outdoor activities.